Business Advisory Services

Enterprise Clients around the world have been transforming their general and administrative functions for years and KPSG has been assisting them. Recently, however the pace of change and the degree of change have changed intensely. Why? Emerging technologies such as RPA, Blockchain, IoT, advanced analytics and others have significantly changed Enterprise operating models. BAS is helping enterprises identify the applications of these emerging technologies in G&A functions and the impact (direct and indirect) on their operating models.

Data & Analytics

Global enterprises need robust data and careful analytics to define and size the opportunity for both short- and long-term sustainable improvements in cost, productivity and quality. KPSG helps organizations initialize change through standardization, customer orientation and competitive allocation of company resources. We deliver full transparency and comparative analysis to support the design of your future state and your journey to operational excellence.

Organizational Change Management

As our clients undergo major business transformations, KPSG helps them manage the risk associated with the crucial “people side” of change. The science of organizational change management – or OCM – can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for your workforce to rebound and for your company to realize the benefits of a project. Studies show more than 60 percent of a project’s success hinges on people, even when new technology, processes and knowledge assets are firmly in place. We can also help your company set up ongoing OCM programs to benefit multiple change efforts across the enterprise.
KPSG OCM work includes stakeholder management, targeted communications, organizational alignment, training and learning enablement, and more.

HR Technology & Delivery Services

Advances in technology are transforming the business of HR. From intuitive and mobile self-service software to predictive analytics and integrated talent management suites, technological solutions are changing the way leaders acquire, develop and engage their employees. New applications, enhanced functionality and fierce competition among software providers make it difficult to stay on top of this ever-evolving space. KPSG provides deep subject matter expertise, market data and financial frameworks to help organizations develop and execute HR technology strategies that are right for them. Whether creating your business case for technology investment, selecting the best platform for your needs or managing the organizational and process change, ISG is committed to helping you achieve a successful transformation.

Software Advisory Services

Software ranks among the top two largest IT expenditures for most enterprises today. But only when your software acquisition or renewal strategy supports your business strategy can you ensure the best return on that investment. And it’s not just about the acquisition. Optimizing the way, you deploy, renew and govern software contracts can be a powerful lever for business transformation. Most organizations have complex software ecosystems that blend cloud services with traditional on-premises software, which means IT and business leaders face the challenge of aligning their subscription spend with “time to value,” especially during periods of digital transition. KPSG’s Software Advisory practice is uniquely positioned to help your organization navigate the complexities of software acquisition. We leverage KPSG’s market insights, research analytics and pricing benchmarks to help clients effectively manage software assets, reduce costs and mitigate software compliance risks. By aligning software contracts with business goals – and by managing software for full utilization, improved governance and audit compliance – we can help your enterprise more rapidly realize the benefits of your software acquisitions and the digital transformation they enable.