KPSG Procurement offers a long-standing expertise in large-scale public and private sector procurement, helping our clients get the best deal from bought-in goods and services. Effective procurement is becoming a more complex task, yet its importance in delivering value has never been clearer. Procured goods and services make up 60% or more of an organisation’s cost base, a figure which is increasing as companies outsource more services. So, there is real potential to secure cost savings if the procurement team has the right knowledge and skills. From assessment through program design to execution, from strategy through implementation to continual improvement, we’re with you all the way, delivering accelerated outcomes that delight both you and your C-suite.

Procurement Strategy

As the role of procurement in the enterprise rapidly expands and becomes more strategic and more visible, expectations in the board room are rising in step. KPSG provides clients the broad range of strategic advisory services and support needed to succeed in an environment where success itself is being redefined. KPSG Procurement is the only leading national provider of procurement services and software focused exclusively on procurement. Our strategic advisory services – like all our solutions – are executed by one of the largest, most experienced and most accomplished teams of strategic consultants in procurement. We help enterprise procurement teams identify and close performance gaps, leverage more effective tools and technologies, operate more effectively and efficiently, achieve best-in-class procurement capabilities and seize emerging opportunities for greater savings. KPSG goes far beyond simple benchmarking. Our holistic approach – evaluating optimum organizational structures, operating models, processes, skills and technology – has far greater potential impact than any single method.

Our strategic advisory services include:
  • Procurement Transformation
  • Procurement Design & Development
  • M&A Services
  • Supply Chain Services

KPSG combines a laser focus on procurement with an expansive global footprint that leverages top talent from around the South Africa. KPSG people are active on every major economic market on the South Africa That’s one more reason KPSG can offer more value to our clients than any company in our competitive set. Not only do we understand the ground game on international basis, but we are able bring together people of immense talent and accomplish into one dedicated team. Contact us today.

Organisation Design & Development

Several leading companies across various industries trust KPSG to provide them unbiased advice on their procurement capabilities and design an organization that is custom-built for success in the long run. Our approach is built on principles that ensure that our designs are practical and hold water in the real world.

  • Let strategy drive design

    Start and end with a strategic vision and evaluate all organizational changes for their impact on achieving this vision.

  • Take a holistic approach

    Organization charts are not Organization Design. People's skills, working relationships and performance expectations will change and must be managed well.

  • Performance trumps politics

    Use facts and data to guide your decision making to avoid the political debates relating to control and autonomy.

  • Anticipate and lead the change

    Help guide your team and business clients through a structured process of change and improvement.

We understand the importance of constant knowledge transfer during such engagements and work in a highly collaborative manner setting the ground for successful transition to the new ways of working. Finally, we help our clients throughout the change management process through tailored communication strategies, change workshops, training and marketing the change across the organization. If you are interested in knowing if your procurement organization is best-in-class or how to get there, contact us today.

Strategic Sourcing

KPSG is one of the leading providers of strategic sourcing services. We help organizations save millions in spend. Staffed by experienced category specialists, our sourcing teams get sustainable results fast – real results that improve the bottom line and create competitive advantage. A proprietary mix of outstanding analytical and sourcing tools, talent and supporting infrastructure are positioned in regional office in Pretoria, so we hit the ground running to deliver value from Day One.

  • Dedicated market intelligence and analytics teams
  • State-of-the-art analytical and sourcing tools
  • A repository of best-practice methodologies, processes and specialized templates
  • Local teams in major markets across South Africa
Blended Model Leverages Expertise Worldwide

While onsite, KPSG staffers typically drive program management, engage functional stakeholders, support change management and ensure implementation. KPSG offices in Pretoria provide analytical horsepower, market intelligence and execution support. Together taken, this model ensures good communication and engagement, delivers faster time-to-value and high return on investment.

Innovation Unlocks Opportunity

KPSG has pioneered a holistic approach to spend management and strategic sourcing. We use techniques and tools that go far beyond unit price reduction to address deeper, often untapped opportunities for savings, including:

  • Spend Consolidation
  • Demand Management
  • Product Rationalization
  • Value Improvement
  • Should Cost Analysis
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Low-cost Country Sourcing

Our delivery approach is flexible at its core. We configure solutions to suit your specific goals, ranging from multi-year programs to achieve specific savings targets, to short-term, category-specific engagements where you want to shore up in-house expertise.