Commonly asked questions


How do I know if KPSG is a good match for my business?

: As business growth strategists, we can help almost any legitimate business, from start-up through middle market. Every business should have a realistic business plan and a marketing plan based on accurate, current market research. However, there are specific industries and business types where we may not be the best fit. We will be happy to discuss your situation confidentially and will immediately let you know whether or not we think we are a good fit for your business.

How much does a business plan / strategic plan/ a marketing plan / a feasibility study / etc. cost?

: We do not offer any fixed price packages and we do not work off of templates. Before we can give you an estimate, we need to understand your individual situation. This generally requires a brief conversation about your project goals, timetable, budget, scope, and other issues. Although we are far from being the most expensive, we are also rarely the least expensive. Previous business plan projects have ranged from a low of about R2,500 for relatively straightforward situations to over R30,000 for larger, more complicated situations. If you are looking for the lowest cost solution, or do not care about quality, then KPSG is definitely not a good fit for you.

Who do you work with?

We work with Startups Enterprises,Small Enterprises,Medium Enterprises,Large Enterprises,Companies considering launching in South Africa,Companies ready to launch in South Africa,Companies looking to develop and expand in South Africa

How do I get started with opening a business?

To open a business we can help you register onlineĀ

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