Thank You for visiting KPSG Business Registration, the division was incorporated to assist entrepreneurs with the purpose of cutting out going to CIPC to make manual business registrations, while one has to register their business online without driving to CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) head office. Whether you are a start up or already existing business, you can be assured of a professional reliable service that best suits your needs.

KPSG Business Registration is fully committed to assist you in any area of your business needs, from registering your business to Market and Brand it. Contact our office today and speak to one of our consultant, that will help you find solution to all your questions.


Urgent (Pty) Ltd Registration
  • Same day (Pty) Ltd Registrations
Company Registrations
  • New Private Company Registration – Pty Ltd
  • New Personal Liability Company registration – Inc
  • New Non-Profit Company Registration
  • Appointment/registration of director
  • Change of address of registered office
  • Change the Year End – PTY
  • Change Name – PTY
  • Other changes
Close Corporation (CC) and (Pty) Ltd Amendments
  • Edit or update company’s information
  • Change Business name or description
  • Add/Remove Directors
  • Change of Business Address
  • Basic CC amendments (Change in composition of members,  accounting officer, member, members of CCs addresses, members contributions and % ownership)
  • Comprehensive CC amendment (including change name of CC and change in principal business)
  • Conversion from CC to (Pty) Ltd
Other Registrations
  • Co-Operative Registration
  • Workmans Compensation
  • UIF Registration with Department of Labour
  • EME BEE Certificate (Turnover under R5 million)
  • CIDB Registration
  • Municipality database registration
  • Trust Registrations
  • New Company Combo 1
  • Resubmit name if name has expired or rejected by The Commission
  • Non-Profit Organisation – With Department of Social Development
  • Deregistration of Company or CC
Trade Mark Registrations
  • Securing your business brand.
Companies Annual Returns
  • Submission of annual returns – CC\’s and small companies
  • Submission of annual returns – Large Companies
VAT Registrations
PAYE Registration
TAX Services
  • Prepare and submit all provisional tax returns
  • Prepare and submit all annual tax returns
  • Tax directives
  • Tax exemption application
  • Tax clearance certificates.
  • Income Tax Registrations
Secretarial Services
  • Update all changes to CIPC
  • Prepare and submit annual returns for close corporation and companies
  • KPSG Business Registrations has assisted clients, with due diligences, personal income tax returns and other related services.
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Some consultants deliver recommendations and reports – and call it a day. KPSG delivers the savings it identifies, and that includes everything needed to achieve and support those targets – contracts, communications, change management, process and system upgrades.