Our Visual Identity represents our ‘brand philosophy’, ‘brand being’ and ‘our approach’. The blank area in the Visual Identity represents ‘our approach’, which is to approach projects with a blank canvas. This enables us to come up with insights, ideas and strategies that translate to innovative and profound solutions.

The multi-colours represent our ‘brand philosophy’ and ‘brand being’ Our ‘brand being’ is passion, creative and fun, intrinsic to who we are.

Our Culture

Our culture flows down from our ‘brand being’, intrinsic to who we are.


We believe that ‘Passion’ is essential to bring the best out of an individual and collective the organisation. We want our team to love and be enthusiastic about what they do, thus delivering innovative solutions to our clients


‘Creative’ because we strive to come up with solutions which are fresh and futuristic. It is good to follow a process, but the freedom to go beyond your boundaries, explore and generate new ideas is what creates innovative solutions.


We want our team to have ‘Fun’ while delivering solutions to our clients. We also want our clients to have fun working with us.

You will find creators, innovators, executors and deal makers. Some introverts, geeks and stars. People from various backgrounds form our team.

However, you will find 3 things in common; Passion, Creative and Fun.

We do this by assigning roles which people love, giving them freedom to be adventurous and explore possibilities and providing an environment where they can be self-expressed and have fun. We also offer flexible timings to employees, at the same time holding them accountable for deliveries.

We do emphasise on processes, however are proud to call ourselves a ‘people driven organisation’

Useful Downloads

Some consultants deliver recommendations and reports – and call it a day. KPSG delivers the savings it identifies, and that includes everything needed to achieve and support those targets – contracts, communications, change management, process and system upgrades.