Kanye Pamba Strategy Group (KPSG) is a multidisciplinary business strategy and advisory firm based in Pretoria South, Centurion. We specialized in business strategy, business planning, market planning, market research, feasibility studies, accounting, bookkeeping, finance, procurement, human resources, sale and marketing, communications and digital technology. We also assist entrepreneurs to register their new ventures. The composition of the divisions within the group reflects the diversity of disciplines involved in business and advisory.

Our aim is to provide you with innovative, client focused and flexible solutions for your business so that you can choose the services you require, and the time allocation for these services, leading to increased efficiency and cost effectiveness for your company. Our human resource team comprises of multidiscipline professional with vast experience form various sectors, the qualifications of KPSG management specialists encompass accounting, business strategy, finance, economics, procurement, human resources, communications, sales and marketing, branding and design, statistics, computer science, psychology, education and training, and other social disciplines. One attribute of the company is its unique ability to marry technology and expertise from a wide range of disciplines to its solutions, products and services.


Kanye Pamba Strategy Group (KPSG) strives to render services of the highest quality to its customers. This is achieved through a team approach, the awareness of its employees that their best efforts are essential and, therefore, appreciated, and the knowledge that ultimately everyone will benefit from the company’s successes. To achieve and sustain the highest standard and quality of services, Kanye Pamba Strategy Group (KPSG) promotes the following basic values:

  • Maintaining or improving its position in the market sector concerned only through superior quality and service
  • Promoting positive and constructive relationships with other service providers, particularly with a view to providing a broader spectrum of expertise through capacity building
  • Sustaining the company’s unique and noteworthy products and services through an ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity
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Some consultants deliver recommendations and reports – and call it a day. KPSG delivers the savings it identifies, and that includes everything needed to achieve and support those targets – contracts, communications, change management, process and system upgrades.