Who are we

About company

KPSG is a multi-disciplinary business strategy, research and advisory firm based in Centurion, South Africa. We are 100% black-owned and Level 1 BEE contributor in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act. We specialized in business strategy, business planning, business model transformation (BMI), organisational strategy, corporate secretarial and governance, market planning, market research, feasibility studies, accounting, taxation, corporate finance, procurement strategy, human capital, sale and marketing, communications and technology. The composition of the divisions within the group reflects the diversity of disciplines involved in consultancy and strategic advisory.

Our aim is to provide you with innovative, client focused and flexible solutions for your business so that you can choose the services you require, and the time allocation for these services, leading to increased efficiency and cost effectiveness for your company. Our human resource team comprises of multidiscipline professional with vast experience from various sectors, the qualifications of KPSG management specialists encompass accounting, business strategy, finance, economics, procurement, human resources, communications, sales and marketing, branding and design, statistics, computer science, psychology, education and training, and other social disciplines. One attribute of the company is its unique ability to marry technology and expertise from a wide range of disciplines to its solutions, products and services

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Our Mission

To provide business solutions, enabling our clients to achieve business objectives, increase shareholder value and build global brands. We achieve this by creating partnerships with our clients and stakeholders, being creative and having fun in the process

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Our Value

Our Values act like a compass. They are fundamental to who we are, what we do and where we want to go. In effect they form the ‘SPIRIT’ of the organisation, the acronym which stands for:

Social contribution

To make a profound difference to the society by identifying key areas and contributing financial and intelligently to transform those areas



To be proactive and set an example for efficiency and quality of deliverables. To consistently surpass clients’ expectations and ‘deliver delight’



To maintain transparency, be truthful and honest in all our transactions and honour our word in dealing with our clients, government and stake holders



To be responsible in performing our day to day activities and under all circumstances in handling and delivering projects



To be authentic in all our endeavours and create an environment where we earn trust and respect one another.



To make innovation our second nature. To constantly strive to generate insights, ideas and create inspiring opportunities.



KPSG strives to render services of the highest quality to its customers. This is achieved through a team approach, the awareness of its employees that their best efforts are essential and, therefore, appreciated, and the knowledge that ultimately everyone will benefit from the company's successes. To achieve and sustain the highest standard and quality of services, KPSG promotes the following basic values:

Maintaining or improving its position in the market sector concerned only through superior quality and service.

Promoting positive and constructive relationships with other service providers, particularly with a view to providing a broader spectrum of expertise through capacity building.

Sustaining the company's unique and noteworthy products and services through an ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity.

Why choose us

Some of our advantages


Our Visual Identity represents our ‘brand philosophy’, ‘brand being’ and ‘our approach’. The blank area in the Visual Identity represents ‘our approach’, which is to approach projects with a blank canvas. This enables us to come up with insights, ideas and strategies that translate to innovative and profound solutions.

The two-colours represent our ‘brand philosophy’ and ‘brand being’ Our ‘brand being’ is passion, creative and fun, intrinsic to who we are.

Our culture

Our culture flows down from our ‘brand being’, intrinsic to who we are.


‘Creative’ because we strive to come up with solutions which are fresh and futuristic. It is good to follow a process, but the freedom to go beyond your boundaries, explore and generate new ideas is what creates innovative solutions.


‘Creative’ because we strive to come up with solutions which are fresh and futuristic. It is good to follow a process, but the freedom to go beyond your boundaries, explore and generate new ideas is what creates innovative solutions.


We want our team to have ‘Fun’ while delivering solutions to our clients. We also want our clients to have fun working with us.

You will find creators, innovators, executors and deal makers. Some introverts, geeks and stars. People from various backgrounds form our team.
However, you will find 3 things in common; Passion, Creative and Fun.

We do this by assigning roles which people love, giving them freedom to be adventurous and explore possibilities and providing an environment where they can be self-expressed and have fun. We also offer flexible timings to employees, at the same time holding them accountable for deliveries.